October 20, 2009

October 11

Holy crap, I've been busy. I have a list of topics to post about, in fact. I just had to reset my passwords (again).

Anyways, I would've posted this on October 11, but...well...anyways...idunno...agh nevermind. anyways, for some reason I don't quite recall, I didn't get around to it.

So anyways, October 11 is my dad's birthday. So why is that such a big deal? He died about a year and a half ago. As we did last year, we made a cake, but this year there wasn't crying, or fancy decorations. It had legos and stuff (courtesy of my bros) but no writing. We just quietly ate cake, pretty much.

I don't know why, I just thought it would be nice to write about it.

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