October 01, 2009

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I've been really busy lately. But yesterday, I went into the music room during lunch. I asked if I could play my piece for the concert on the piano that's not in a practice room. I played Gentle Rain, and at the end the student teacher asked me if it was from something, and I told him it was from Mother 3 and he said "Oh, I've played that one," like it was no big deal. I thought he seemed like a video game type, but who'da thunk he'd heard of the Mother series? I was shocked that someone other than me in this small town had even heard of them, let alone played Earthbound. But he seems to have not played either game for a while, because somehow for weeks he never recognized any of the EB music I played at lunch in the practice room. You can hear the piano from the main band room when no one's playing, and I know for a fact that he and the main teacher sometimes listen to me play when there's no one in the music room. And this guy is a musician, so you'd think he'd pay attention to game music enough to recognize songs like Pollyanna and the sound stone theme that I play fairly often.

Well today I went in and played the piano in the practice room because I like it better. I played Gentle Rain, and then I heard a sound behind me, and there were all these people crowding around the door trying to watch me play. Kinda creepy, if you think about it, that all of a sudden one day these people appear within like a minute. I played some more stuff, and then there was something I was going to play that I forgot. I still don't remember. Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually.

I just got in from walking the puppy for HALF AN HOUR. I walked down two blocks (even though I'm not in a city, they're probably about the same size as city blocks, but on a steep hill so they're actually longer)and then ran most of the way back up. That's the farthest he's ever walked. His teeth are getting sharper, he's getting bigger, and his claws are getting to be somewhat dangerous.

I don't have school tomorrow! And my little brothers do! YES!!! This SO makes up for being so busy this week.

So the school gave us these stupid planner things at the beginning of the year, but they're great for doodling. I draw my cats in every week along the edge. Last week I put an invasion of Mr. Saturns, and this week I drew the kraken from EB along the bottom, and also some other stuff, like in the math section, I drew a starmen saying "NO *whirr* HOMEWORK [beeeeep] DUE." For once I didn't have algebra homework last week because of the quiz. Also on one of the boxes I drew Kirby with his mouth open, and I colored it all in except a word: "-zilch-" like my assignment was sucked up into the black hole known as Kirby. I think next week I'll draw Tessie or maybe the mecha-drago or something. I'll have to take pictures of these eventually and put them on DA.

I am tired.

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