November 21, 2009


As much as I enjoy blogging, I am too busy right now to post to this blog. However, I think I'll start a simpler blog called Love and Hate. So for now consider this blog dead. But who knows? Maybe I'll start again.

October 23, 2009

How to Relax

My second how-to! Anyways, I am almost always relaxed, and I will share some secrets of staying relaxed and calm, since so many people seem to be stressed.

*Breathe deeply. You'd be surprised how much of a change this can make. If you get used to breathing deeply, you are relaxed more easily.

*Be more optimistic. Don't be unrealistically optimistic, just don't be so morbid. Even if you don't show much emotion, at least have good emotions, even if you don't show them. I don't, but I am actually in a good mood most of the time. Remember, if things seem bad now, just think of all the ways it could be worse and be glad those didn't happen.

*Listen to music. Whether it's rap, country, metal, classical, or rock, enjoy music. Listen to music while on a bus, or walking down the street (keep it turned down enough you can still tell what's going on around you if you choose to listen to music as you walk). Even just read a book or surf the web while listening to your favorite tunes.

*Be spiritually sure. Don't say you believe a religion you don't. Try to find out what you really believe, what your core beliefs about life are. It doesn't have to stay the same for your whole life, just make sure you have your own solid opinion on faith.

*If you are in school, when a test is coming up think about what will help you. If you work well under pressure, feel free to freak out a bit, just try not to have a mental breakdown. If you study best and memorize the most when you have a rapidly approaching deadline, procrastinate. If you feel like you are going to fail if you don't study daily up until the test, then study daily at least to give yourself some peace of mind. I, for instance, remember classes well, but if I get nervous I don't do as well, so I try to forget that there even will be a test, that way I'm calm all the way up until the test. I don't normally need to study much, maybe look the material over the night before, or spend a few days quizzing myself until I get it all correct if it's a hard test.

*Don't drink coffee. A little to wake you up is ok, but although things like Mountain Dew are loaded with sugar, they have less caffiene. Caffiene can make you more anxious or nervous. I guess what I mean to say is that it's not exactly good for calming the nerves. At all. And it never will be. Ever. EVER. Get it through your head: too much caffiene will make you more nervous. It may help you wake up in the morning, but that doesn't mean you have to be sipping coffee all day. If you didn't get enough sleep, drink something like Mountain Dew that doesn't have as much caffiene so that you don't get high off coffee (caffiene is actually a drug).

*Don't worry about what's not worth worrying about. That upcoming inspection? Yes, you should probably worry a bit. Global warming? It's inevitable, and it's happening slower than the media implies. Although we should change our habits to slow global warming (which is a natural process the earth goes through in cycles, and just happens to be speeding up because of greenhouse gas emmisions) it's not as if the earth is going to turn into an oven overnight and we're all going to wake up frying our guts out tomorrow morning.

Well, not as much of a how-to as I expected, but it turned out OK. This is how I stay calm most of the time, so I pretty much just wrote it down. Feel free to copy these to pretty much anywhere if you really want to(wear these relaxation tips on a t-shirt for all I care), and when it comes to giving me credit I don't particularly care if something like this is never traced to me as the origin. Usually I'd never give permissions like that, but these tips are useful to me, and if they help you and you love them so much you want to share them with the world, give me credit if you want but it doesn't really matter either way. This is just my humble little blog. When it comes to my artwork, that is my property and please do not copy it, but when it comes to little how-tos anyone can reproduce them anywhere without even giving credit. Hey, with the iPod one it might be good if that's never traced back to me. It should be legal, but Apple's copyright stuff is kind of strange in my opinion. I mean, what if your computer and all your CDs are destroyed and you want the music from the CDs back?

Peace out!

October 20, 2009

Pervert Alert!

My school has unusually high concentrations of many kinds of people: weirdoes/freaks, Japan fangirls, musicians/artists/actors/writers, kids who know how to hack something (windows computers, firewalls, and the school website blocker to name a few), get the picture, it's a varied place with all sorts of strange people and definatly a strange atmosphere for a middle school.

Anyways, perverts have been particularly annoying lately (I say "anyways" too much). For three days in Algebra there was a sub, and those days were absolutely laden with innuendo. You know, I don't think boys realize at all that being perverted actually repels girls. Well there are some that are okay, but most guys at my school are total pervs. Well, at least last year's main perverts' antics have died down, and this year's batch is a bit more entertaining. Although there is one boy who has been a constant annoyance. At the beginning of 7th grade, he asked me out. I turned him down (it's the only time i've been asked out, but I really don't like him at all) and he kept pestering me for a few days and finally I got kinda mad and said something that shut him up. It wasn't anything bad, it was just kinda rude. Well, it is a good thing I turned him down: a few months later I saw him talking to his friend (when they were already both in trouble) about the length of their...things. 'Nuff said. And this year he keeps blurting out random sexual references he probably doesn't even understand. Don't ask how I know what they mean, I'd really rather not explain. For example, in English the teacher was talking about some stupid group book report that I know we're not going to finish by the deadline because for the past few days we've had a sub who has no idea what she's doing. So she told us that we could write it up if there were good writers in the group, or if most of the group was actors they could do some sort of skit. So she said basically to pick our favorite thing to do, and this boy commented, "Eating, sleeping, jacking off," and he kept saying things like that the whole class. I just about yelled at him several times to just shut up already.

So there is another boy who is like his best friend, who is also a pervert but since he's not as outgoing he's not so annoying. Anyways in history the teacher joked (I have a great history teacher, he always says funny things about the students to make fun of them, but in a nice way most of the time) that when we got our school computers back, if we had looked at things like porn then when we opened them for the first time, they would say "Pervert alert! Pervert alert!" I bet if they did that then like half the school would be filled with the sounds of sirens and "Pervert Alert!"s. And he mentioned that the aformentioned person's computer would definately do that. So now sometimes when he walks into a room someone says "Pervert alert!" It's funny.

Speaking of perverts, the school laptops can be set up so they talk to you. In science on Monday there was a sub (the same one in Algebra) and so she pretended not to hear when a couple of boys made their computer say something like "[Insert name I did not quite hear here] likes to touch his vagina." I sort of chuckled and said to my friend who I was studying with(we were supposed to be studying for the test we had today) "I do NOT want to know."

Seriously. Perverts are annoying. They usually do not get girlfriends for a long time. They do not get laid at a fairly young age, unlike the nicer boys, I have noticed(there is a boy at my school who I wouldn't have even expected to get a girlfriend, but judging from the comments people make about him and his friends' reactions to these comments, he seems to have given a girl (who I would also not expect to have a boyfriend) an STD. He does not act perverted in public and as far as I know never really has. See the connection?). They remain single idiots for quite a while. I practically have a list of boys who, if they ask me out for some reason, I will turn them down because they are extreme perverts. Yet another reason I prefer to not have much of a social life: you get asked out a lot, and considering the percentage of pervert boys, I really don't plan to date anytime soon. Might as well avoid getting asked out for a few years and hope they've matured a bit.

October 11

Holy crap, I've been busy. I have a list of topics to post about, in fact. I just had to reset my passwords (again).

Anyways, I would've posted this on October 11, but...well...anyways...idunno...agh nevermind. anyways, for some reason I don't quite recall, I didn't get around to it.

So anyways, October 11 is my dad's birthday. So why is that such a big deal? He died about a year and a half ago. As we did last year, we made a cake, but this year there wasn't crying, or fancy decorations. It had legos and stuff (courtesy of my bros) but no writing. We just quietly ate cake, pretty much.

I don't know why, I just thought it would be nice to write about it.

October 08, 2009

Gaining Depth Perception

I've been busy, but not as busy as last week. This week I have time to read, and I have been rereading Xenocide, the third book in the Ender series, which begins with Ender's Game. It is not my favorite in the series, but it is good. I got to a part where Olhado (whose real name is Lauro) was talking about what it is like to have no depth perception. Now, Olhado lost his eyes somehow, and one was replaced with a mechanical eye, and the other with a place to connect to the computer. He had wanted to show other people what he had seen, so he had chosen a computer hookup over depth perception.

So what he said was that it is like everyone is a cardboard cutout, and everything behind them is a painted background. I don't know what it's like to have no depth perception, but I do know what it's like to have almost no depth perception. Over the years, ever since I was very small my eyes changed. One became very farsighted, and the other became very nearsighted. There are advantages to this, but it's really better to have depth perception. So finally about a year and a half ago I went to the optometrist for some reason, and I found out my eyes are like that. I never realized it until I got glasses, but for most of my life the world had looked like a painting to me, I could tell how far away something was by its size or by where it sat on the ground, but nothing really looked 3D. Then when I first put on my glasses, everything popped out at me, like cardboard cutouts. And I realized that depth perception doesn't actually help you tell how far away things are very well. Oh well. At least I can see a bit better. My eyes have improved enough that I can see a lot better without my glasses, but I still wear glasses when they're not lost if I don't have a headache.

Today's observation? Orson Scott Card clearly has no idea what it's like to live without depth perception.

October 01, 2009

news stuff0rz

I've been really busy lately. But yesterday, I went into the music room during lunch. I asked if I could play my piece for the concert on the piano that's not in a practice room. I played Gentle Rain, and at the end the student teacher asked me if it was from something, and I told him it was from Mother 3 and he said "Oh, I've played that one," like it was no big deal. I thought he seemed like a video game type, but who'da thunk he'd heard of the Mother series? I was shocked that someone other than me in this small town had even heard of them, let alone played Earthbound. But he seems to have not played either game for a while, because somehow for weeks he never recognized any of the EB music I played at lunch in the practice room. You can hear the piano from the main band room when no one's playing, and I know for a fact that he and the main teacher sometimes listen to me play when there's no one in the music room. And this guy is a musician, so you'd think he'd pay attention to game music enough to recognize songs like Pollyanna and the sound stone theme that I play fairly often.

Well today I went in and played the piano in the practice room because I like it better. I played Gentle Rain, and then I heard a sound behind me, and there were all these people crowding around the door trying to watch me play. Kinda creepy, if you think about it, that all of a sudden one day these people appear within like a minute. I played some more stuff, and then there was something I was going to play that I forgot. I still don't remember. Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually.

I just got in from walking the puppy for HALF AN HOUR. I walked down two blocks (even though I'm not in a city, they're probably about the same size as city blocks, but on a steep hill so they're actually longer)and then ran most of the way back up. That's the farthest he's ever walked. His teeth are getting sharper, he's getting bigger, and his claws are getting to be somewhat dangerous.

I don't have school tomorrow! And my little brothers do! YES!!! This SO makes up for being so busy this week.

So the school gave us these stupid planner things at the beginning of the year, but they're great for doodling. I draw my cats in every week along the edge. Last week I put an invasion of Mr. Saturns, and this week I drew the kraken from EB along the bottom, and also some other stuff, like in the math section, I drew a starmen saying "NO *whirr* HOMEWORK [beeeeep] DUE." For once I didn't have algebra homework last week because of the quiz. Also on one of the boxes I drew Kirby with his mouth open, and I colored it all in except a word: "-zilch-" like my assignment was sucked up into the black hole known as Kirby. I think next week I'll draw Tessie or maybe the mecha-drago or something. I'll have to take pictures of these eventually and put them on DA.

I am tired.

September 27, 2009


I may have swine flu. I looked up the symptoms on the CDC's website, and they match, but the symptoms are the same as a normal flu or cold, so that's not saying much. It did spread to my town though. I think I was the first to get sick at my school, and I kept going to school because I thought it was a normal cold. But now, I sort of hope people get sick from me, because then they will have to shut the school down for a while, and that will give us all time to recover. Flus are not hard to recover from, it just takes time. Something interesting is that there was this one day I went home early, and earlier that day I looked at the sign-out sheet at the office, and just in the time before lunch, at least 10-20 people went home sick. And there was another person in my class who didn't feel so good. But whoever's in charge of the district is an idiot.

Last year when there was about two feet of snow they still didn't cancel school. That may not sound like much to people who live in places where you can really get snowed in, but normally we don't get that much. My mom went and shoveled the driveway almost every day for weeks just so we could get the car out, and somehow they didn't cancel school. And there's this empty lot next to my school, and they piled up snow there. There ended up being a pile about fifteen feet high, and then gravel got kicked up by the cars and coated it, so then that blocked the sun and it took months to finally disappear. It was still there in May if I remember correctly.

Anyways, back to the swine flu. So Evan (a boy I've known since about preschool who has just recently started getting on my nerves trying to act cool) was joking a few days ago that I have swine flu, and once I had cleared my throat enough to get some words out, I told him in my hoarse, nearly lost voice that that was NOT funny because I might actually have swine flu. Not that I'm really scared of it, though. It's pretty much a normal flu that started showing up at the wrong time of the year. Hardly anyone died from it. And anyways, you can't catch the exact same disease twice, so if I did somehow catch it (I travel a lot, I could've picked it up somewhere now I think of it) then once I recover I will be immune to it. I don't really believe in getting flu vaccinations, so even if I don't have H1N1, I am not getting vaccinated unless it is required by my school. I mean, what's the point if the flu mutates every year? I am not getting a shot or two every year against something I don't even usually get. I think it's better to be naturally immune, because some people react badly to vaccinations.

While I'm on the topic of vaccinations, I had to get some sort of vaccination last year, and my mom works at the clinic. I waited for forty minutes. Then I asked my mom what was going on, because the place wasn't busy at all. So she went and checked and it turned out the nurse who was doing it is the weird one, and she was just staring blankly at the computer screen with the shot partly ready. So my mom told her we were in a hurry. Within a few minutes I was in the checkup room, and so she gets it ready, and then comes over and cleans my arm, and without any warning stabs me in the arm with the needle. I gasped but didn't really cry out; I don't normally make a big deal when I get hurt. As usual, I clenched my other fist to give me something to do other than think about the shot as usual. And so as we were leaving, my mom told me that the lady was kinda crazy that way. She figured that since she had told her that we were in a hurry because of my mom's lunch schedule, she had been so quick about it, but she wasn't really sure. Now I think of it, that lady sounds kinda like me. Except for the part about staring at a boring computer screen for half an hour.

OK, onto the jokes!

One of my teachers has a paper taped onto her door. It says that the difference between the swine flu and the bird flu is that for the bird flu you need tweetment and for the swine flu you need oinkment.

Check this out, it's a Mother 3 and swine flu crossover!

OK, this isn't exactly a joke, but still...Wasn't it within the first 100 days of Obama's presidency that the swine flu pandemic started?


How to move music from your iPod to your computer

So, if you somehow lost your computer data and need to get some music back and the music is on your iPod, I know a way to transfer it.

Step 0: This method takes a lot of time. Seriously, unless you have a ton of time to kill, if there is any way possible to transfer it from another computer, a CD, a mini hard drive, or even if you put it in the recycle bin, then do it. I mean it, this can take hours depending on how much music is on your iPod.

Step 1: Show hidden files.
Mac:I am not sure, but I think on a Mac it already shows hidden files anyways. I don't usually use Macs, but I've looked at the school ones a bit, and didn't like them. As far as I could tell, it showed hidden files automatically, but I don't know.
Windows:I don't know about Vista or 7, but at least for XP and possibly other versions (I'm fairly certain this works with older versions too, but in my opinion if you use an older version you're crazy) go to Tools>Options. Then look through the tabs until you find one with a long list of options and checkboxes. Change "Do not show hidden files and folders" to the opposite. Then click Apply, and just to be safe click on Apply to All Folders, which should be above the list of options.

Step 2:Go to My Computer on Windows, or click on your iPod on the desktop on a Mac. OK, my iPod is a Nano, second generation, but this step should be about the same. If these exact folders don't work, just look through folders until you find it. But here is what works with mine:

[insert iPod name here] (E:)>iPod Control>Music

Inside there should be at least several folders with names like F05, at least for my iPod. Go through them and copy the mp3's into a folder on your computer or a backup hard drive. The mp3's should have names that are four random letters in all-caps. Don't bother copying the locked ones if you already re-downloaded your iTunes store music, because this is just your iPod's copy of it, and you have to use your password to open it anyways.

Step 3: I suggest using Winamp for this step. Go through your copied files one by one and open them preferably in Winamp. Then rename the file the correct name. Trust me, even if you have to do it again in iTunes, this is important. Here are some shortcuts that will help you when renaming the actual file.

F2 (or possibly Fn-F2) - I really doubt this works with a Mac, but on a Windows it is a quick way to rename.
Arrows and Enter - skip through the songs, and play one in Winamp or iTunes (seriously, Winamp works better for the renaming. It's very useful anyways, and it's free. Download it.)
Delete/Backspace - if you find a song you don't want anymore or already have elsewhere on your computer, delete it. MP3's take up a lot of room and actually it's best to copy the songs onto a small hard drive instead of your computer, especially if you have a large music collection. My music collection is like 3 gigabytes, but I know for a fact most people have more music than that. Actually I do have a lot of music, but most of the songs are fairly short (one is almost 40 minutes though) and also I delete the ones I don't listen to, so I end up not using as much space for my music.

I hope this helps. I'd avoid doing this though, it takes a lot of time. I may only have about 3 gigabytes of music, but that's about 400 songs that I had to go through. But if your house burned down and your computer and CDs were destroyed, this is a good option. OK, I'll admit I could've gotten the music from my old computer, but I had a lot of spare time to use up, and anyways I did this in my spare time during a road trip, so I couldn't exactly go home and get them off that computer and onto my laptop. I think there is a program for this that you could get, but it's not free. I don't remember what it's called.

Remember, it's all fun and games until the Ramblin' Evil Mushrooms attack.

September 24, 2009

A better world

Ya know what would be great? If teenagers got to move out and become independant. I would have my life so much more organized if I actually had some control over it, but I don't so it's hard to work up much motivation to do things like clean my room. And all the drama with parents trying to run their kid's lives when all the kids want is a shot at running their lives themselves would be gone. Teens wouldn't have to be so secretive about what they do just because they want to be alone. I mean, I want to watch movies alone, not because I watch inappropriate movies, but because I really just prefer to watch movies alone because it's less awkward if you're the only one paying enough attention to understand the jokes. My mom doesn't pay much attention to movies and my little brothers often don't understand the jokes, so I am the only one laughing. Another thing I hate? My mom wanting to know what I do on the computer. I don't do anything bad, I just don't like people looking over my shoulder while I'm trying to read something relevant to my interests. It's awkward and I can't concentrate. And then I don't like talking about what I looked at because often it's something no one else in my family understands. Often it's Mother-related, and I am the only one in my family who has actually finished the games. My little brothers never get very far, and my mom doesn't understand that video games can have great plots. I think she's lost touch with good plots. She never reads novels or anything. I often go through a book a day, and let me tell you, Mother 3's plot is better than many of the books I've read, and even better because if there is a puzzle, you have to figure it out YOURSELF. You can imagine the character's day-to-day interactions and relationships YOURSELF. Don't like the ending? Write some fanfiction or find a different way to interpret it. In the Mother series, nothing is really set in stone, so you really are free to interpret things however you want. Anyways, I guess I really just wish people would understand that not all videogames are gory first-person shooters that are inappropriate for small and impressionable children.



Wow, I haven't updated for a long time. I've been so busy, and it's a shame; I really enjoy blogging.

Anyways, I have a hard choice. I can either go to a fine art camp this summer, or go on a trip to Japan through the school. Right now I'm thinking that I could probably do both, considering getting a scholarship for the art camp would be easy, and anyways, the art camp is considerably cheaper. But if I had to choose, I think I'd choose Japan. It's not an opportunity I'm going to get again, unlike the art camp, which I could do any year. But I feel like my mom is trying to shame me into picking the art camp. She wants me to get a scholarship so we don't have to pay so much, but I'd really hate to take the opportunity away from someone else; only one kid in each grade can get the scholarship, and there are so many people who actually need the scholarship money. We don't. I hate how my mom is like that: she tries to save every dollar possible even if it means taking an opportunity to save big money from someone who actually doesn't have much money. I'd rather go to Japan anyways.

But the thing I hate is that now my mom is pressuring me into doing the art camp, but last winter there was plenty of time left to register and still get what classes I wanted, and just because I missed out on the scholorship she wouldn't let me go, even though we could easily cover the cost without it. Now her excuse is that there probably weren't any spots left, even though at the time I had told her that registration had just started and I could still get the classes I wanted. GAH IM SO CONFUSED AND ANNOYED AND KINDA PISSED.

I don't have much time left to register for the trip to Japan, but I could still manage it, if my mom does her part of the registration stuff that is. I need to get the recommendation forms to the teachers I picked and some parents of old friends who know me pretty well. All this stuff needs to be in by the 30th, which only gives me a few days. I'm kinda nervous now. I would've done all this earlier, but my little brother's birthday came up and everyone was too busy cleaning for the party and wrapping presents for his actual birthday.

September 18, 2009

Yahoo Answers

It's a good resource for info, but the thing I hate is that when I look up something about pet problems, people always say to take the pet to the vet NOW. Why doesn't anyone realize that some people actually have lives? I mean, my mom can't just drive miles out the road to the vet just because a cat is sneezing when she really needs to be at work. I don't have a liscence so I can't exactly go driving to the vet. And a lot of problems end up going away soon. Once in a while Sapphire starts coughing, and we try to comfort her but it's not like we add to the stress by rushing her to the vet ASAP. And the vet is way out the road, so it takes a while to drive there.

That is all.

September 17, 2009

Computer Viruses

I get very annoyed with my english teacher sometimes. In fact, I get annoyed at most older ladies sometimes. Why? Because they are terrified of computer viruses.

Take my grandma for an example. She doesn't have internet because she's afraid someone will hack her computer and steal her personal information. Well it's not like she put her credit card number on her computer! Anyways, usually it's web servers that get hacked(translation for people who don't know much about computers: websites get hacked) or government computers, which have been hacked before. I can see the weakness there, and I'm just a teenager who doesn't even hack. It's obvioius. Because of the way they've got things set up so that all these computers are relying on each other so much, they can't update very well because it could open a weakness. I don't know much about hacking, but the fact that the government's computers don't change much is obvious. I found out because my mom works for the Public Health Service, and she was telling me once about how computers at her work can't be updated very often because the system would have to be built up again, which is why parts of the clinic she works at are using different types of programs than others, but each department runs on old-fasioned, DOS-like programs. I've been in the pharmacy a few times, and I've seen the programs they use, and it really does look almost exactly like DOS. And when I asked about it, it turns out they have to use several programs when they could probably update to something that does it all in one.

OKAY back to viruses.

Anyways, whenever something goes wrong with my teacher's computer, she says "It's a virus," like it's common. It was clear to me her computer just froze, probably because she was using an ancient-looking Mac to run very new programs. And the school doesn't even have virus protection of any sort. Not a great idea, considering ALL THE STUDENT ACCOUNTS HAVE THE SAME FREAKING PASSWORD. And what a stupid password it is! Well at least it's not "password"! XD

Anyways, the school system seems very unstable to me. I mean, a mac can connect to another mac of the same OS and view their files if they're in the same area. Someone could easily hack a student's computer, and from there figure out the password for an admin or a teacher, and bring down the system. Heck, I could probably find a way to mess up the system.

And the internet has blocks on the whole wireless to stop from viewing certain websites, and it's so freaking primitive I want to scream sometimes. I mean, it blocks the weirdest sites, and doesn't block the ones that it's supposed to. We're not supposed to be on game sites, and yet almost all game sites in existence can be viewed from our computers. And websites like Myspace and Gaia Online should be blocked, while Youtube should probably not be blocked because it is the main video hosting site, and who knows when we'll need to view a video to find info? Something that makes me very pissed is that it blocks because it thinks they have games ON the website. It makes me want to say something like, "IT'S A WEBSITE ABOUT GAMES, NOT A GAME WEBSITE, YA DUMMY!!!" but I know the block is too stupid. I bet it's hard to modify so that it blocks or unblocks sites. Sometimes the tech guys at my school who run the computer system are idiots.

September 15, 2009


I just got home from my school Open House. My mom got to meet all my teachers but one, including the rather crazy ones. Speaking of crazy teachers, I need to remember to switch my PE class from the crazy teacher to the funny teacher. I mean, our PE teachers are also our health teachers, and my current gym teacher is just plain crazy. I mean, during Open House he was wrestling with students.

I may be able to come to the first concert (the fun casual one) after all! I thought I'd be gone then, but it turns out there is actually enough going on right around then we might be able to change the trip days!

My youngest bro Gabe turns 8 tomorrow, and my mom is baking the cake ATM. I still need to wrap both his presents soon. One is a metroid plushie I made a couple months back, and the other is a small lego set. He is obsessed with plushies. I mean, he has a Bobo Fett plushie, for Sally's sake! And with an oversized head at that!

I am SUPER BUSY. Tap is starting, so I spend two afternoons a week at the library for over two hours, and then at tap, so I don't get done until after six. Not getting enough sleep DOES NOT help.

I should probably do my algebra homework a day early, so I don't have HW on my bro's B-day. AND it's a long assignment apparently. It sucks that we get through a whole chapter in a couple of weeks and then get no rest whatsoever except the day before the test and sort of the day of the test (AKA today). I can't wait til winter vacation. Yes, I am under so much pressure I'm already anticipating Christmas.

In art I got to paint a little mural on the wall. I painted a kitty looking at the board, but it's just an outline with stars inside. I included what I remembered of Orion's Belt, the Big Dipper (including the north star) and something that could vageuly be interpreted as Draco, or as I call it, the dragon-snake-thing. Only two kids get chosen each quarter at the most, so I'm pretty lucky. I didn't think the art teacher and the principal would like a cat so much. And the proposal sheet I filled out turned out looking pretty cheesy, so I was surprised I got to do a wall painting. I got out of doing Sumi art, a big plus since I am NOT good at Sumi. I just can't hold my elbow straight out like that for so long. It hurts, and it turns out cruddy anyways. Not quite crappy though, just cruddy.

It turned out when I went to pick up my brothers at the elementary school I used to go to, Haley was there for some reason, and then we found out Emily was there too (her stepmom is a teacher there). Emily's been talking to me more, so I guess we're still friends.

I wore my Neah Bay hoodie today. When I was born my family lived there, and so I went there this summer. But to get there, there is just one road, which starts at Forks. Which means I got to go to Forks Washington, home of Twilight! It looks nothing like the movie, which was filmed in Oregon actually. Basically you drive into the outskirts, then you're in the main town, and then you're out of the town, all within a couple of minutes at the most depending on traffic. Seriously, this place is the sort of place where everyone probably knows each other really well. And it turns out we used to shop at their general store, which is pretty neat; I mean, I shopped in Forks before Twilight even existed! AWESOME. I am a bit of a Twilight fan, but not a psycho fangirl. HA IN YOUR FACE PSYCHO FANGIRLS I GOT TO GO TO FORKS AND I'M NOT EVEN TWILIGHT-OBSESSED HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well anyways this hoodie is super-warm, it was kinda chilly today and even when it was windy and rainy I was nice and warm in my oversized Neah Bay hoodie. It's like a Large or something, but I normally wear oversized sweaters since I'm small and I like sweaters. I feel so safe and warm ^_^

MOCHI IS LOVE and don't you forget it (yup, I played (most of) Contact (I got stuck) and I read the instruction book, even the BACK *holds HINT sign while winking and pointing at the word "back"*). MOCHI PWNZ!!!

March Odyssey=Porky's Theme?

So in band, we got some new music: "2001: A March Odyssey". It's kinda easy, but since my flute has something wrong with it it gets kinda tricky at times. Here's an mp3(but it's a demo so be prepared for weirdness):

Well you can't hear it as well in this recording, but the flute part (in the first third or so, which is about half the mp3) sounds unmistakably like Porky's Theme with a funky rythm and switched around a little, and then it resembles part of Unfounded Revenge. It's kinda different, but there certainly are similarities. This mp3 cuts off the ending, though, but there's not much special about the ending anyways. At some point I want to record the flute part on the piano somehow (I don't think I have the right cables at the moment, and my music's at school anyways) and put an mp3 up here so it can be heard more clearly. Maybe this weekend I'll find some way to hook my computer up to the piano, because I bring my music home each weekend so I could record it then.

September 10, 2009

Sibling Cruelty

God, my brother's such a...well I don't know what to call him that doesn't insult our parents. He's a brat beyond description. So me, him, and my mom were downstairs. On my mom's laptop she was at Facebook seeing if she could post to my wall, since my account is disabled (for NO REASON). Well Adam saw my picture. I need a new one, badly. The one I've had almost as long as I've had a FB account is a self portrait. When I made it, it looked perfect, but the more I look at it the more I see that's wrong; I just can't help but be hard on myself. Well anyways when he saw it he was like, "Who is that monkey?" in a really rude voice. Then he started insulting my self portrait that I only made to practice drawing people and shadows and took me about an hour straight and a ton of hard work and redoing things, only to turn out kind of badly in my opinion. It doesn't help that Adam insults every piece of art by me that he sees. This is why I don't show him my art anymore.

Simmering with anger,


I was really busy yesterday, but anyways, nine has been my favorite number since sometime when I was about eight. So of course I was really excited about 9/9/09. It's a shame I was so busy yesterday, I could've done something like learn to say the word "nine" in nine different languages. I already can say it in a few.

Kyu (Japanese)
Nueve (Spanish)

OK, that's not so many, so right now I'll just look up some more!

Neun (German, half my family is german so of course I was interested in that)
Neuf (French)
Jiu (Chinese, but aren't there two different Chinese languages...?)
Nove (Italian)
Novem (Latin)

Now for the ninth, I was planning to do Russian for some random reason, but when I looked it up I couldn't pronounce it, since it was in the Russian alphabet. So instead, how about LOLspeak? After all, ICHC celebrated 9/9/09 by retaliating against the Day Without Cats. I mean, seriously, who would dedicate a day to ignoring the existance of cats? Just because of that, I spent extra time with my kitties and no time with the puppy (sorry puppy, I was super busy anyways).

Well in LOLspeak, nine could be written:

or maybe even nien

Well anyways that was nine languages, even if one of them doesn't technically count as a language but I count it so OH WELL, T-O-O B-A-D.

Happy belated 9 day!

September 07, 2009


I just noticed something: no matter how cool a forum sounds to me, I always end up leaving.

The first forum I left was called Fantasy Facts. As far as I know, it no longer exists. I left because I was busy all of a sudden, and ended up forgetting it. Months later, I came back and was greeted with a new main page, saying that soon the site would be taken down. It was a neat site, just a very small writing community. There were some neat people there. And now it's gone. When i realized soon it would no longer exist, even though I hadn't been there for months, it was like someone I kind of knew had died and no one had told me for like a year.

After that, I didn't see many forums for years. I found some, but I didn't like them much. Eventually last spring I found one that I thought was awesome. However, I didn't take long to ask around some related sites and find out that they were like the most narrow-minded site of the type. Not only that, but they were mostly jerks. I mean, they didn't even get trolled that much, and then someone comes asking for help with something, and they keep saying things like, "...but if you're a troll you might as well leave now," and it the person left after posting like three times.

At some point I found a related site that was much better. The people were nice, the forums were interesting. But it wasn't my sort of place, and so when summer began I decided to just leave the entire community for at least a few months.

Not long after that I found Lumine Hall. I thought I had found the forum version of a home. Then I went on vacation, came back, got a couple of weeks of rest, and then had to go on a short road trip. After that I had just plain bad luck. I kept getting hurt, and then school started, and since then I've been too busy to come back.

But these last few days I've been thinking and realized that I'm just not a forum-poster sort of person. I'd rather browse a site, lurk the forums, and maybe occasionally post. I'm just not a social person, I guess. I've never really been social, I've always been shy. I think from now on if I do join a forum, I'm not going to try to post regularly.

May the force be with you

September 06, 2009

Best Art EVAR!

Today I completed photoshopping a sketch that I drew about a month ago. This is serioiusly much better than I expected it to turn out; it's gotta be my best piece ever.

Just Chillaxin'
I love using bright, simple colors (almost all of the colors used in the characters are found exactly the same in another character), and also dark outlines that change width beautifully. I really love how this turned out looking kind of hazy, like a warm summer day when there is only a slight cool breeze and clouds lazily float by. I called it "Just Chillaxin'" because I couldn't decide between "Just Chillin'" and "Just Relaxin'".
I'll have to submit a bunch of stuff to sometime. I've been kinda busy lately, though. This piece should be at DeviantArt within a few minutes. Remember, my profile is at
Mrrow! (I <3 kitties!)

Puppy News

The fence for outside is almost done! Basically, it's a wooden frame with some crossbars that has chicken wire stretched across it. It is propped up between cement blocks, so it can be moved. I helped my mom with the 7-foot one yesterday, and then on her own she finished the one to block the path to behind the house (we do NOT need a puppy getting into the crawl space!) and I think she's working on the gate. I'd help, but I'm not feeling so good. I'm bored, so I'm blogging. Since facebook is messed up, I've been giving more time to my blog instead.

So earlier, I took some pictures of the puppy! Here's a couple of them

I've been thinking Jeb would be a good name. Why? Because I wanted a name that started with J, and I was out there watching him play and looking at the color of his coat, and it came to me: Jeb. The name of Max's father (if I remember right) in the Maximum Ride books who saved her, betrayed her, helped her out again, and said he was her father. Not exactly the sort of person I want a puppy named after, but the name really does fit perfectly, in my opinion. Adam (10-year-old brother) wants him named Espeon, and he was saying that before we even met the puppy, which just goes to show you what an idiot Adam is.
I wish I had some way to add .mp3 and .zip downloads to the blog. I have some cursors I made and I don't think I can upload them in their normal form (.ico and .cur, and there's some neat icons [.ico] ). Also at some point I want to add music once I figure out a good way to record decent-quality music from my electric piano. The old way is to hook it up to a tape recorder, but we don't have the equipment for that anymore. I'd like to do a midi or something, but I need a cable I don't have, but if I look in the book and find out what it is I could probably find one somewhere.
All-time favorite quote: "The deeper the darkness, the brighter the sunrise at dawn." It's a Mother 3 quote. I'd use it for school (I need a quote or part of a song for an assignment) but it's not 25 words long. I think I'll use Mother's 8 melodies. Who knows? Maybe the teacher will recognize it as one someone used in the past, which means there are other Mother fans in town. It's unlikely, but it's definately possible.


First, I have one thing to say:


OK, now that's out of my system...

I have today and tomorrow left of the weekend, so I'll probably spend it recovering from PE and my cold, both of which have improved. But I have homework...well I've got Algebra for sure, which I'll probably do tonight or tomorrow evening. And that cross-stitch to work on. After I decided to stop making plushies because I wanted to do something else, I decided to start cross stitching again. So I found a picture from chapter six of Mother 3 and added in a ghost-Hinawa sprite and got this:

I didn't realize until I started working on it, but this is going to take much longer than I planned, and I planned maybe a month or two. OK maybe that's exaggerating a little, but seriously this is going to take a long time. It's 160x160, which is 1120 pixels/stitches...And since it's so big, I have to start at the corner, so I can't use the sewing-hoop-thing yet. And what sucks is that my good one is gone, so I have to use my crappy one. My good one is this old one of my mom's. Basically it's a hoop with a ridge along the inside. A metal hoop fits in the ridge. This metal hoop has a sort of handle, so you can somehow squeeze the handle to get it out? I don't remember exactly how, I haven't seen it in a couple of years. Now I think about it, it's probably been like three years actually. Yeah, that's about right I think...So anyways, the clouds (which is where I'm starting) are by far the hardest part, since my old cross-stitch style that was really fast doesn't apply here. If I remember my calculations right, it will take 32 pages of my graph-paper notebook to draw the pattern, since I don't have any good programs that have a grid that works decently and zooms in enough. My plan was to draw the section I'm working on (Each section is 20x40 because that's about the size of my grid paper) and not draw another until I'm done stitching that section because I'll get distracted. I get distracted too easily when it comes to art :P

Well this time I don't think I can say "nonexistant readers" so instead what will I say...


Peace Out, and stop calling me a hippie! (A kid at my school calls me a hippie randomly.)

o wait, I just remembered...

Well, last year I made these sticker-type things for my school binder, and they were all themed after the game I had just finished or was almost finished with. I can't find the picture for the Caution Hippies one(no I did not start the "caution hippies" slogan I'm just borrowing it), but here are the others. I think I put them on Deviant Art too.
The EB one...
The Mother 3 one (funny story about this, a boy who just happens to be an old friend saw it and was like "Isn't that that one creature in Brawl?" and I said "actually it's from Mother 3, but it's in Brawl" and he called me a geek XD I think he just figured it out then *laughs histerically, then evilly*
O and there's a new one that I made like yesterday!
RAMBLIN' EVIL SHROOMS FTW! Oh wait I just realized this is the crappy-quality version...oh well I'll post the good one later.
Well this post is getting really long but I should probably mention my sweet little Sapphire-kitty is next to me. AWW...

Anyways, Peace Out! (I need a new saying)

Memories of Earthbound

The only time I've completed EB so far was an enjoyable time for me. I remember these three days when I was sick with a really bad cold, so I would go into my mom's room where the FC Twin is set up and play Earthbound. I had a box of tissues next to me, and a very fluffy blanket. Sometimes I'd lay on my stomach, sometimes I'd sit up. I would blow my nose whenever the stuffiness came back (often to the point where I could hardly breathe) and collect a pile of damp used tissues in front of me. When I had a huge mass of tissues, I'd get up and throw them away. I remember I got sick at the beginning of the weekend, and ended up still being really sick on monday so I stayed home from school and got another day of laying on the bed playing EB.

Why did I bring this up? I'm sick again. Not as bad this time, but yesterday morning and also the day before my throat was killing me, and now it's mostly better, but I have a very stuffy nose. It also probably didn't help that yesterday I spent an hour or two outside helping my mom build a fence for the dog/keeping the dog away while my mom worked. She wanted me to help some more, but at that point I was so tired from running around keeping track of the dog and getting cut on chicken wire that I just had to go inside. And when I went inside, my nose unfroze, and I had a very runny nose for a while, which then turned into the stuffy nose I've had to deal with since then.

Speaking of playing videogames while sick, I'd be playing Mother 3 except my saved data got messed up somehow and somehow I lost like half an hour of saves. So instead I've been playing Ecco II only instead of playing it on the Genesis I've been playing it on my new Dingoo because I don't like going to the playroom when my brothers are there and also the sound quality (something very important to me) is better through any of my headphones or speakers than the old TV that, while it doesn't distort to the color of old games at all (a huge plus) the sound is rather cruddy, so if I use it for older games I'll probably hook up my own headphones.

I skipped my least two levels with a cheat code yay for me peace out nonexistant readers and kittehs of teh world

September 05, 2009


You know that saying "Life's a bitch and then you die"? Well my town's version is "Life's a fish and then you fry." My version that fits what happened today? "Facebook's a bitch and my computer dies." Or at least I hope my computer doesn't die.

Anyways, facebook disabled my account for NO FREAKING REASON! I sent an email to to find out why and see if I could get it reactivated. So far, no newer news on this case, aside from the fom letter they sent saying they would read it and reply soon. Hah, yeah right. Well at lease the email worked, and it wasn't a dud. But they better get it fixed, or they're gonna get some nasty hate mail spam from an email account that will disappear in 10 minutes XD

Just kidding about that last bit.

No really, if they act rude or anything I will not hesitate to spam them, but most likely that won't happen.

September 04, 2009


I spent PE on tuesday through friday running a mile each day. Also on tuesday I hurt my ankle, and it was mostly fine until today, but we were just playing dodgeball, so the teacher sent someone to get ice for it, and I think that actually helped for once! I mean, I just stretched it too far, didn't give it time to properly recover, and stretched it again.

Anyways, I ache all over from all that, and I hope the three-day weekend will be enough to heal me.

A Load of Crap for Nothing

Somehow Blogspot (yes I still call it that) signed me off, and I didn't remember ANY account info. I finally had to go to google and see what account name i had used this time, and then I had to go through the reset-password crap. Well at least it's a password I can remember this time.

September 02, 2009


Hmm...when I called this the Journal of NA, the NA stood for Natalie Anonymous. I knew it stood for Not Applicable, but I didn't think much of it until now. You know, not much (as far as stereotypes) applies to me. I'm a geek, but I am not obsessed with Star Trek, or even Star Wars (sorry, Star Wars, I may love you but I'm not obsessed). I'm a nerd, but I have little acne, hate plaid, and hate pants that come up too far (I'm not saying I wear low pants, just that I hate 80's-style high-waist pants). I'm an Earthbound fan, but I can be reasoned with, I'm not a PSYCHO EB fan, after all...

Ahem, I should continue. I love cats, but no, I do not kiss my cats. I have a dog, but I still love cats with all my heart and I am still not a dog lover. I'm an artist, but I don't draw anime. The last time I tried, the tomboy I was drawing turned out looking like a creepy teenage boy. I am interested in Japan and am studying the language, but I would rather die than be a fangirl...UGH, I hate fangirls. They give all people interested in Japan a bad name.

I'm a computer geek, but I have a Windows (hah you suckers! not all geeks use linux!...sorry about that...) and have never built my own computer. I just don't have the resources where I live, and I'm not interested in building a computer. I am somewhat interested in programming, but I prefer HTML over all other programming languages, mostly because I haven't learned any, heh...

I will admit it, I am a hypocrite. But who isn't these days? I think all people preach but don't practice because they want the world to be a better place and they think it's too late for them to change, or like they don't have to put in the effort. Wait, what does hypocrisy have to do with anything...?

Peace Out!


It seems like they've been mentioned a million times today.

First, in the morning in PE, a so-called "friend" pointed out that a girl looked pregnant. She is the sort of girl who I wouldn't be surprised if she was. Well apparently, this girl called Kym (I think it was her) said to her "I know" in a creepy voice and guestured towards her stomach. And this girl was laughing in the locker room about this. My guess? She is either pregnant and was shocked someone hadn't heard the news, or she gained a lot of weight and thought it was funny everyone thinks she's pregnant. Well my "friend" said that she thought the girl was pregnant because she appeared to have a baby bump and was touching her stomach a lot. It would make sense, though, considering that if that's a baby bump, then she be more than one or two months, which would put the day of conception in the summer. Not surprising, considering we're teenagers. However, my friend may have just been thinking of babies. After all, Ester just had hers a couple of days ago.

Ester is my favorite bus driver. I am SO glad she will be driving soon because her replacement was this crazy old native dude who seems to think he has the right to tell us exactly where to sit. Well, he does, but he's really going overboard with it (but he is a native and an elder, and elders have authority to them, so he probably expects to be the boss). Today, he made everyone sit in the back. Since I was like second on the bus he made me sit by some weird kid who had been the first. He made everyone go two-to-a-seat, and made us fill in the seats from the back forward, and when there were only x seats left he made some people sit in the back, which meant I was squished between some weirdo and Brandon S, one of the twins. Basically, Cameron is the nice one who may not be so smart but he is at least kinda observant, unlike Brandon. Brandon is an idiot who seems to be deaf half the time. He is a bit of a jerk, too.

The puppy seems to be getting more used to us. I started leash-training him even though he's only six weeks old (he's gotta learn sometime, better to start training young). I can't wait till I can start teaching him some tricks. Roll Over should be easy (it's not hard to get him to do that anyways) and Sit is always useful. We need to think of a name, though. I was thinking something probably starting with H, B, or maybe F; those are the letters I associate with him. He's starting to get rebellious, though...

Peace Out!

Tin-Foil Hats

Somewhere I saw tinfoil hats mentioned (to clear it up now, I sometimes say "tinfoil", sometimes "tin foil" and sometimes "tin-foil" and I have no clue why, I just can't really decide which one I guess) and I googled "tin foil hat" and after reading a wikipedia article (surprisingly, Wikipedia is becoming more accurate lately) I went back to the Google page, and clicked the next link down. Oh man, this website is so funny. I can hardly believe they're actually serious about this.

It's a whole section of a website dedicated to supposedly protecting yourself from telepaths and mind-control devices with tinfoil hats. Trust me on this, tin foil doesn't do anything. How do I know? I've used telepathy before. I have no proof and haven't actually done any kind of expirament with it, but it is highly unlikely a tin hat would protect you from ANYTHING. The only use I can think of is to keep you from losing heat in the winter, and then unless you're in the south pole, you're going to get so hot you have to take your hat off and lose some extra body heat. But for any other purpose, this is totally, utterly, and completely useless. I don't see any reason why this would affect anything other than your body heat, aside from your reputation, which will plummet unless you are wearing one for a joke.

Peace Out!

September 01, 2009

Rather Pissed at the Moment

So I have this iPod dock, and it's really hard to operate without the remote without messing something up. That's my only complaint. Well I have two favorite radio stations, the others all suck. And so earlier I heard a song starting on one, and it was immediately clear it's the song I hate. So I tried looking around for like a whole minute, and couldn't find the remote, so I had to figure out how to change it otherwise. And now on the other channel, they're playing weird music and I just can't find the remote.

On top of that, my favorite bushes that were important in many precious childhood memories are most likely no longer alive, just for a puppy we may not even keep.

My mom is in a bad mood, and it spreads.

I can't play piano at all today.

Yesterday I found out I'd been doing all my algebra homework so far completely wrong. It was only one assignment, but because she was unclear, I did a ton of extra work and ended up being stressed and messed up the rest of it.

I can't think of anything to draw. It's like my inspiration is gone.

My tongue is burned painfully, and I just ate a very acidic tomato.

I can't seem to get anything right today.

Earlier I tried to help a friend but I was kinda busy and I accidentaly made a mistake.

My former best friend seems to hate me for no reason.

I think I'm getting sick.

There are creepy spiderwebs EVERYWHERE.

This school year is clearly going to be MESSED UP. What I thought would be a fun class is almost absolute crap.

My room is a mess and I don't know where to start but I really want to clean it up.

I keep forgetting stuff.

The new sevvies are SO ANNOYING. One of my old friends has the locker above me, but she's really unorganized and I have to wait a long time for her to move so I can open mine.

I feel like I'm forgetting the cats, and I also feel like I'm not spending enough time with the puppy.

My little brothers are constantly doing everything in their power to annoy me.

Wow that's a long list. UGH, THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH MY LIFE!!!


A little while ago, my mom came up to my room and told me she chopped down my favorite bushes - for the puppy we might not even keep. I cried. I haven't looked out there yet, but I'm scared about what I will see. I can only hope she was talking about different bushes.

My life sucks right now.


I can't wait til the puppy's old enough to start training. I AM SO BORED. Also there's like nothing to do on the internet. I checked on all the sites I normally check, and there's no news or anything that I haven't read. I bet it's going to take my mom a long time to come home just because I can't wait for dinner.

Well, I guess I should talk about what's been going on.

Matthew is gone. Emily is clearly no longer my friend. Brandon no longer has a crush on me. I've been finishing my homework quickly. Surprisingly, Algebra is the least of my worries. In fact, I'm probably going to work ahead so I have more time tomorrow for Social Studies HW. I think I've had this blog for about a week, something like that.


August 29, 2009


I suppose I owe a lot of explanations.

Peace out - there is a kid at school who calls me a hippie. On the first day of school I wore a "All you need is love" shirt with a peace sign just to annoy him. Also on my yearbook he wrote "sup hippie chik" last year. And also last year I had a sign in my binder that said "CAUTION HIPPIES" with an EB0 hippie sprite, and yet he called me a hippie.

Otherkin - this will take a lot of explaining so be prepared.

So a couple of years ago some friends of mine were having precognitions (seeing the future) so I did some research and found, a website about psionics, which is basically stuff you'd call psychic, but it's NOTHING like you'd expect. It's hard, especially at first when you have no sensitivity to energy. Even when you do, it's hard to tell what you're doing. Basically, psionics is convincing your subconsious to move energy to accomplish something. I no longer do much psionics, but I use it to make constructs (a piece of energy that has a certain function, like heating a spot or curing a headache) when I need to do something like cure a headache, simple stuff like that. Really, it could be used for almost anything. Some people can move huge objects without touching them (telekinesis is NOT one of my strong points, I can't move a paperclip) or "read minds" (telepathy is hard for me too, but I did talk to Sally once). No matter what, NEVER EVER get the misconception that it's as easy as movies and books say. It takes hard work and patience, and a lot of dedication, which is why I have trouble keeping interested, since I'm often busy.

So anyways, an otherkin is someone whose energy system (or aura, life force, whatever) has been sort of imprinted with stronger traits, changing their personality. It's not necessarily intentional. I think my obsession with cats as a small child and then getting cats who became my closest friends caused parts of cat-ness to copy onto me, but it's just a theory. All I know is that I have cat-like traits: I've always been a loner, but close to my family and friends; I'm shy; I value my sleep; I prefer the dark; my eyes adjust to the dark very quickly; I'm careful about self defense/react quickly; and I have sensitive ears. There are others, but that's the main stuff. People who consider themselves vampires but are not actually either energy vampires or blood-drinking vampires are often otherkin.

Now, the last thing to explain is what I told Emily. Well..... I told her about psionics. She called me a freak and didn't talk to me for months. She had been my best friend since preschool, and this hurt me. Even now, almost a year later, I'm hurt deep inside. I would probably prefer if she had never switched schools in kindergarten and I could've forgotten her then. I'd be less hurt. Since I don't show much emotion, nobody expects me to hurt, but when I really get hurt, it's like getting slashed in the side, and it takes a long time to heal, and then remains a scar for even longer.

I don't want to talk about this any more. If I post about it, it's because I'm trying to recover from it, but don't be surprised if I never mention it again.


The puppy...what can I say...he sleeps 70% of the time and spends most of the remaining 30% trying to destroy his bed.

His mother is Beagle/Jack Russel, and the father is like blue tick and something else. He is adorable, but like I said, I don't go for cuteness...unless in kittens :P

Earlier, my mom said we should let him into the rest of the garage instead of just his area, and he peed, then walked around for a while, sniffing the ground. Suddenly, I realized he was pooping on the ground. I carried him over to the newspaper ASAP and he stood there for a moment, circled the room, then came back to the same place (just after my mom moved the poo) and crapped again. I carry him to the newspaper again, and my mom moves the poo again. She took him outside, but it was raining. So then he comes to the same spot and pees. Yeah. He seems to think this random spot in the middle of the garage is the bathroom.

So pretty soon my brothers come in. They terrify the poor thing, and move him into the enclosure. Then they decide to name his favorite toy (a piece of rope with two knots)...Bobby. I was like "WTF?!?! you named the rope but not the dog???" but of course I didn't say that since they're little.

...Hi, I'm Bored! ^_^

Puppies and alcoholic beverages

Yep, we're getting the puppy. Even worse, we're getting him today.

So to calm down, I played piano and then played some SSBB. And suddenly, an IDEA came to me:

Wastin away again in Super Smash Bros Brawl
Searchin for my lost talent that I had
Some people claim that there are brothers to blame
But I know it's the road trip's fault

Margaritaville is a cool song. It's catchy.

August 27, 2009


Oh much happened today...OK maybe I should start at the beginning.

So this morning I went to my first class and Emily was in the same class. We didn't talk much, so I think she's kinda scared of me after what I told her last year. I'm not ready to talk about it yet, but basically I scared her and she didn't talk to me for months (she was living on the other side of the country for a year) and when we talked a little it wasn't much and she hasn't seemed to want to talk to me since then. Why can't people be more accepting? *cries* I mean, we were friends for ALMOST TEN FREAKING YEARS!!! I tell her a secret because I wanted support and she gets all scared and doesn't talk to me again. Don't worry, it's not like I did drugs or anything, it's more something...supernatural. I don't want to talk about this now, so don't ask.

Also, this morning I saw Brandon. He doesn't seem to have a crush on me, which is fine,  but he really does seem like a nice person. I'd like to talk to him sometime anyways.

Well, I wound up with some of the weirder teachers. My English teacher, for instance, has ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia. Her father was a major drug dealer in his day (and from the sound of it was an alcoholic) and her mother didn't want to be with him because if he killed someone some of the blame might be shifted to her. Growing up, my teacher was thought of as someone who would be a failure in life, but now she's a great English teacher! She tells lots of stories, but gets distracted and ends up telling other stories. Also, she forgets if she told us something or not. Don't get me wrong, she's really nice and a rather awesome teacher, but she is really very forgetful and easily distracted.

My science teacher, on the other hand, is the one who, last year, was thought of as the crazy one. So basically last year there were three science teachers. I got the one everyone said was gay. I personally think he's just a pervert, but it was common belief he was gay. He has now moved though, so I don't have to put up with the creepiness. Seriously, he was practically flirting with my mom at the parent-teacher conferences, and he's like at least ten years younger (not long out of college, I think). I am SO glad he's gone. My current science teacher is...odd. I don't know much about her yet, but she strikes me as an odd lady.

In band, there is a student teacher for at least part of the year. I don't remember his name, it was something weird.

I am dreading gym. Gym is the only class I've ever failed a test in, and luckily, last year I only had to do one quarter because my schedule was all messed up and I had to get rid of a class and since it couldn't be a core class it wound up being gym. Also, I'm scared cuz my gym teacher is kinda crazy and he'll be teaching us health as well. And it's the year where we start the creepier health stuff. Ugh. *shiver*

OK, onto the latest news...I'm getting a puppy! My mom's friend/aquaintance has a dog who had puppies and they're like perfect for our family and we're probably going to get one. Either the one they call Bruiser, or the one they call Whitie. Probably Brusier. Bruiser is the biggest, and Whitie is the runt, I think. If we get Whitie, I think Yuki would be a good name because she's almost completely white, and yuki is Japanese for snow. Also, it seems to fit her well. It's the only name I can really picture her having. As for Bruiser...I don't know. I think we should get Bruiser at the moment, but I want my mom to ask about them and find out more about them first. If we get one, it's probably going to be this weekend. Tomorrow we're going to Wal*Mart so I can get a book on dogs, hopefully Puppies for Dummies, since when we got our cats, Kittens for Dummies was the most helpful book I got. I enjoyed reading it, it was interesting, and it taught me almost all the basic information about cats I know. Of course, there are other books as well that were just as helpful, but I couldn't have chosen a better first cat book. I ended up getting Cats for Dummies as well, and also a bunch of other great cat books eventually, but Kittens for Dummies is the one that got me through the beginning of cat ownership.

Peace out (lol I'll explain later),
Natalie Anonymous

August 26, 2009


Only one day of summer left: today. Man, that sucks. But there are some good things about it. I get to see my friends again, see if Emily and I are still friends, maybe talk to Brandon a little...?

Okay, maybe I should explain about Brandon.

He was a new kid near the end of the year. In fact, he has like one picture in the yearbook and no school picture. His name isn't even mentioned. I helped him out like once or twice, and one day a friend asked me if I thought he was cute. I don't pay attention to cuteness at all when it comes to boys, so I had never thought about it. But then I realized he was super-cute. I just said, "yeah, kinda I guess..." Not long after that, it became blindingly obvious he had a HUGE crush on me. He would always let me go ahead of him, whether we were on the bus, going through a door, or even walking down the hall. He's VERY shy, even more so than I am, so he never talked to me, but once he somehow became a part of a conversation about computers. Maybe he's good with computers? The conversation was very short, so I didn't find out much. Anyways, I know he lives somewhere near me, either at the apartments down the block or the street where everyone lives that's just one long block over.

So, my plans for today are to eat lunch in a few minutes, then play the piano (I have my new binder set up now) and then go on the computer for a while. After my stomach has settled down, I'll go for a walk (near the area where I think Brandon lives, in case he's outside for some reason). After that, probably read or spend time on the computer.

August 25, 2009

Mini Hard Drives

So since I haven't backed up lately, I decided to get it over with today. Right now I'm waiting for files to move. Well, I have three mini-hard drives. Two are the portable "jump drives" or "thumb drives". One is 1 gig, the other has FREAKING 16 GIGABYTES!!! AWESOME!!! Okay, calm down. The other I have is 360 gigs, but it's not so portable, and I use it to back up my stuff. Occasionally I back this up to my mom's big hard drive that's like 500 or a terabyte or something.

Well guess what I noticed about my precious little's been keeping secrets from me. By the looks of it, when I delete something it just moves it to a different, hidden folder. I had never lookd through the hidden folders until now, and there's one called "Trashes" that seems to keep all my deleted stuff until it's written over. So I went and deleted all of the stuff out of there after making sure I had backed up all that before. Which is a good thing since I found some files I wanted to move to my new laptop. But it was really annoying that it keeps all this stuff for practically no reason. I mean, someone else might accidentally delete something, but I'm very careful about what I delete. If I delete something, I know it's either backed up somewhere else or I really don't need it, which renders this feature unnecessary and VERY irritating.

August 24, 2009

Little Sisters

I have two brothers who I swear can't possibly be related to me. I also have two sisters who are not related to me, and yet I relate to them much better than humans. Yes, I'm talking about my cats, what my mom calls the little sisters I never had. Technically, in cat years they're way older than me (like early thirties/late twenties-ish) but they're three years old. They are biologically related, but hardly look it, and don't act it at all. They are siblings, and part Siamese, I think.

Sally is small. She looks a lot like a tortie-point Siamese, but not lithe, just small and kinda thin. She is fluffy, and has HUGE eyes. She looks like she never grew out of kittenhood. If she enjoyed snuggling, she'd be absolutely awesome. I mean, she is just SO fluffy! Aside from that, she is a genious. She figures all sorts of things out for herself, and doesn't like being taught by humans. She can open drawers and cabinets, sometimes open doors (but she's really too small) and learned how to go through cat flaps by just observing another cat a couple of times. She is shy, but brave when it comes to exploring the outdoors. She often doesn't back away from dogs.

Sapphire is the opposite. She is a large, slightly fat cat with shiny sleek fur, like deer fur but softer and with a downy under layer. She looks like a sealpoint Siamese, but she is also like a snowshoe. She has a white spot on her forehead, and white paws, and she is rather stocky for a Siamese. She loves learning tricks. I not only showed her how to climb up and down ladders and come when called, but she will also sit, beg, and high-five...for a price. She will not perform unless given food. She loves laying in the sun and just being lazy. She is really a true house cat. She doesn't like going outside that much, but on some days she'd kill to escape the house. She follows me around, and we enjoy each other's company.

I relate to cats much more than I relate to people. Well, I do think I'm an otherkin, so that's not that surprising. I'll explain otherkin probably tomorrow. It's getting late here.

Odd Dreams

I have no clue what reminded me of this, but this was at least a year or two ago. Well I had this dream where I went to school and it turned out it was Evan's (old aquantance from preschool who is a major teacher's pet) birthday. So for some reason we did this odd ceremony of presenting the gift, that involved praying. I was the one who had the job of conducting this odd ceremony for unknown reasons. Anyways, I got interupped two times, and Evan was acting all bossy and important and kinda annoying me (I've been tuning it out for years) and on the third attempt I realised that when I did the sign of the cross, for the whole time instead of doing forehead-chest-shoulder-shoulder I was doing forehead-chin-cheek-cheek. Yeah. I woke up somewhere around there.

August 22, 2009


I wonder if blind people who have always been blind know what color is, even if they don't know the word for it?

Aside from that, this is the point.

My favorite color is blue. I think red symbolizes blood, death, or maniacism (is that the right word? maybe maniac-ness would fit better, IDK). Orange is bright and bold, beautiful and cunning. Yellow is happy, innocent, silly, naive. Green is life, movement, energy. Blue is calm, and has a complicated meaning that doesn't seem to fit into words. Purple is like the average person: not innocent, but better than you'd expect once you get to know them. White is unstained, unblemished; black is mysterious and unclear.

I have no idea why I am posting this, surprisingly. Well, my favorite is blue, and my second favorite is black.

I am very bored at the moment.


Well, now I am a member of DA! My account can be found at I do mostly fanart at the moment. Yesterday I put up a bunch of older stuff, and today I'm going to put up some stuff I finished last night.

Mother 3 Final Battle

I really like the Earthbound/Mother series. I mean, I'm like, obsessed. Well after I won Mother 3, I spent the next week going over the final battle in my head, thinking about meaningfulness and symbolisms and stuffs like that. And I came to a conclusion: the final battle is not between Lucas and the Masked Man. It is not between Hinawa, Lucas, and the MM. No, it's between Claus, the Masked Man's true self, and the MM, what Claus became after he was brainwashed.

Proof? Well explain how the MM seems to begin "wake up" when his mother calls his name, but he still doesn't remember who he is for a while. Then he battles with himself. Claus seems to be winning (which is why he is no longer putting effort into the fight) and then the MM retaliates with an attack that would've killed Lucas if not for the Franklin Badge. Was he trying to kill himself, was it an accident, or was it the MM side of him figuring that if he was going to die, he might as well take someone with him? I suspect the world will never know.

August 21, 2009


I'm scared. Only a week of summer left, and I spent the last two weeks on vacation, wasting my summer. I wish I would've stayed.

I'm also scared because unless THEY've broken up, I'll have to see them together. It hurts, but I'm happy that he's happy.

I'm hopeful Brandon will not have moved, because he is nice and he has a HUGE crush on me, and if we become friends maybe I can forget about my old crush. He's a gentleman; he always let me go ahead when getting off the bus or going through a door, even though he was too shy to say anything. I smiled sometimes, and when I get a chance to talk to him I'm going to tell him that I did notice when he was polite and I think it's sweet. It's true, after all.

And I'm nervous because my best friend of nearly a decade who I haven't seen in months (she moved for a year, and I only saw her at Christmas when she came to visit her dad and stepmom) is coming back and I don't know if we're still friends.

Aside from this back to school stuff, I'm scared because I was planning to make a DA account today, but the site seems to have disappeared. Maybe it's server problems or something. I hope they didn't get rid of Deviant Art.

it hurts

I say I don't like him anymore
Now he's going out with a bitch like her
But I know the heart chooses its own desires
And I still hurt when I see them together