October 20, 2009

Pervert Alert!

My school has unusually high concentrations of many kinds of people: weirdoes/freaks, Japan fangirls, musicians/artists/actors/writers, kids who know how to hack something (windows computers, firewalls, and the school website blocker to name a few), perverts...you get the picture, it's a varied place with all sorts of strange people and definatly a strange atmosphere for a middle school.

Anyways, perverts have been particularly annoying lately (I say "anyways" too much). For three days in Algebra there was a sub, and those days were absolutely laden with innuendo. You know, I don't think boys realize at all that being perverted actually repels girls. Well there are some that are okay, but most guys at my school are total pervs. Well, at least last year's main perverts' antics have died down, and this year's batch is a bit more entertaining. Although there is one boy who has been a constant annoyance. At the beginning of 7th grade, he asked me out. I turned him down (it's the only time i've been asked out, but I really don't like him at all) and he kept pestering me for a few days and finally I got kinda mad and said something that shut him up. It wasn't anything bad, it was just kinda rude. Well, it is a good thing I turned him down: a few months later I saw him talking to his friend (when they were already both in trouble) about the length of their...things. 'Nuff said. And this year he keeps blurting out random sexual references he probably doesn't even understand. Don't ask how I know what they mean, I'd really rather not explain. For example, in English the teacher was talking about some stupid group book report that I know we're not going to finish by the deadline because for the past few days we've had a sub who has no idea what she's doing. So she told us that we could write it up if there were good writers in the group, or if most of the group was actors they could do some sort of skit. So she said basically to pick our favorite thing to do, and this boy commented, "Eating, sleeping, jacking off," and he kept saying things like that the whole class. I just about yelled at him several times to just shut up already.

So there is another boy who is like his best friend, who is also a pervert but since he's not as outgoing he's not so annoying. Anyways in history the teacher joked (I have a great history teacher, he always says funny things about the students to make fun of them, but in a nice way most of the time) that when we got our school computers back, if we had looked at things like porn then when we opened them for the first time, they would say "Pervert alert! Pervert alert!" I bet if they did that then like half the school would be filled with the sounds of sirens and "Pervert Alert!"s. And he mentioned that the aformentioned person's computer would definately do that. So now sometimes when he walks into a room someone says "Pervert alert!" It's funny.

Speaking of perverts, the school laptops can be set up so they talk to you. In science on Monday there was a sub (the same one in Algebra) and so she pretended not to hear when a couple of boys made their computer say something like "[Insert name I did not quite hear here] likes to touch his vagina." I sort of chuckled and said to my friend who I was studying with(we were supposed to be studying for the test we had today) "I do NOT want to know."

Seriously. Perverts are annoying. They usually do not get girlfriends for a long time. They do not get laid at a fairly young age, unlike the nicer boys, I have noticed(there is a boy at my school who I wouldn't have even expected to get a girlfriend, but judging from the comments people make about him and his friends' reactions to these comments, he seems to have given a girl (who I would also not expect to have a boyfriend) an STD. He does not act perverted in public and as far as I know never really has. See the connection?). They remain single idiots for quite a while. I practically have a list of boys who, if they ask me out for some reason, I will turn them down because they are extreme perverts. Yet another reason I prefer to not have much of a social life: you get asked out a lot, and considering the percentage of pervert boys, I really don't plan to date anytime soon. Might as well avoid getting asked out for a few years and hope they've matured a bit.

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