September 24, 2009

A better world

Ya know what would be great? If teenagers got to move out and become independant. I would have my life so much more organized if I actually had some control over it, but I don't so it's hard to work up much motivation to do things like clean my room. And all the drama with parents trying to run their kid's lives when all the kids want is a shot at running their lives themselves would be gone. Teens wouldn't have to be so secretive about what they do just because they want to be alone. I mean, I want to watch movies alone, not because I watch inappropriate movies, but because I really just prefer to watch movies alone because it's less awkward if you're the only one paying enough attention to understand the jokes. My mom doesn't pay much attention to movies and my little brothers often don't understand the jokes, so I am the only one laughing. Another thing I hate? My mom wanting to know what I do on the computer. I don't do anything bad, I just don't like people looking over my shoulder while I'm trying to read something relevant to my interests. It's awkward and I can't concentrate. And then I don't like talking about what I looked at because often it's something no one else in my family understands. Often it's Mother-related, and I am the only one in my family who has actually finished the games. My little brothers never get very far, and my mom doesn't understand that video games can have great plots. I think she's lost touch with good plots. She never reads novels or anything. I often go through a book a day, and let me tell you, Mother 3's plot is better than many of the books I've read, and even better because if there is a puzzle, you have to figure it out YOURSELF. You can imagine the character's day-to-day interactions and relationships YOURSELF. Don't like the ending? Write some fanfiction or find a different way to interpret it. In the Mother series, nothing is really set in stone, so you really are free to interpret things however you want. Anyways, I guess I really just wish people would understand that not all videogames are gory first-person shooters that are inappropriate for small and impressionable children.


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