September 27, 2009


I may have swine flu. I looked up the symptoms on the CDC's website, and they match, but the symptoms are the same as a normal flu or cold, so that's not saying much. It did spread to my town though. I think I was the first to get sick at my school, and I kept going to school because I thought it was a normal cold. But now, I sort of hope people get sick from me, because then they will have to shut the school down for a while, and that will give us all time to recover. Flus are not hard to recover from, it just takes time. Something interesting is that there was this one day I went home early, and earlier that day I looked at the sign-out sheet at the office, and just in the time before lunch, at least 10-20 people went home sick. And there was another person in my class who didn't feel so good. But whoever's in charge of the district is an idiot.

Last year when there was about two feet of snow they still didn't cancel school. That may not sound like much to people who live in places where you can really get snowed in, but normally we don't get that much. My mom went and shoveled the driveway almost every day for weeks just so we could get the car out, and somehow they didn't cancel school. And there's this empty lot next to my school, and they piled up snow there. There ended up being a pile about fifteen feet high, and then gravel got kicked up by the cars and coated it, so then that blocked the sun and it took months to finally disappear. It was still there in May if I remember correctly.

Anyways, back to the swine flu. So Evan (a boy I've known since about preschool who has just recently started getting on my nerves trying to act cool) was joking a few days ago that I have swine flu, and once I had cleared my throat enough to get some words out, I told him in my hoarse, nearly lost voice that that was NOT funny because I might actually have swine flu. Not that I'm really scared of it, though. It's pretty much a normal flu that started showing up at the wrong time of the year. Hardly anyone died from it. And anyways, you can't catch the exact same disease twice, so if I did somehow catch it (I travel a lot, I could've picked it up somewhere now I think of it) then once I recover I will be immune to it. I don't really believe in getting flu vaccinations, so even if I don't have H1N1, I am not getting vaccinated unless it is required by my school. I mean, what's the point if the flu mutates every year? I am not getting a shot or two every year against something I don't even usually get. I think it's better to be naturally immune, because some people react badly to vaccinations.

While I'm on the topic of vaccinations, I had to get some sort of vaccination last year, and my mom works at the clinic. I waited for forty minutes. Then I asked my mom what was going on, because the place wasn't busy at all. So she went and checked and it turned out the nurse who was doing it is the weird one, and she was just staring blankly at the computer screen with the shot partly ready. So my mom told her we were in a hurry. Within a few minutes I was in the checkup room, and so she gets it ready, and then comes over and cleans my arm, and without any warning stabs me in the arm with the needle. I gasped but didn't really cry out; I don't normally make a big deal when I get hurt. As usual, I clenched my other fist to give me something to do other than think about the shot as usual. And so as we were leaving, my mom told me that the lady was kinda crazy that way. She figured that since she had told her that we were in a hurry because of my mom's lunch schedule, she had been so quick about it, but she wasn't really sure. Now I think of it, that lady sounds kinda like me. Except for the part about staring at a boring computer screen for half an hour.

OK, onto the jokes!

One of my teachers has a paper taped onto her door. It says that the difference between the swine flu and the bird flu is that for the bird flu you need tweetment and for the swine flu you need oinkment.

Check this out, it's a Mother 3 and swine flu crossover!

OK, this isn't exactly a joke, but still...Wasn't it within the first 100 days of Obama's presidency that the swine flu pandemic started?


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