September 24, 2009


Wow, I haven't updated for a long time. I've been so busy, and it's a shame; I really enjoy blogging.

Anyways, I have a hard choice. I can either go to a fine art camp this summer, or go on a trip to Japan through the school. Right now I'm thinking that I could probably do both, considering getting a scholarship for the art camp would be easy, and anyways, the art camp is considerably cheaper. But if I had to choose, I think I'd choose Japan. It's not an opportunity I'm going to get again, unlike the art camp, which I could do any year. But I feel like my mom is trying to shame me into picking the art camp. She wants me to get a scholarship so we don't have to pay so much, but I'd really hate to take the opportunity away from someone else; only one kid in each grade can get the scholarship, and there are so many people who actually need the scholarship money. We don't. I hate how my mom is like that: she tries to save every dollar possible even if it means taking an opportunity to save big money from someone who actually doesn't have much money. I'd rather go to Japan anyways.

But the thing I hate is that now my mom is pressuring me into doing the art camp, but last winter there was plenty of time left to register and still get what classes I wanted, and just because I missed out on the scholorship she wouldn't let me go, even though we could easily cover the cost without it. Now her excuse is that there probably weren't any spots left, even though at the time I had told her that registration had just started and I could still get the classes I wanted. GAH IM SO CONFUSED AND ANNOYED AND KINDA PISSED.

I don't have much time left to register for the trip to Japan, but I could still manage it, if my mom does her part of the registration stuff that is. I need to get the recommendation forms to the teachers I picked and some parents of old friends who know me pretty well. All this stuff needs to be in by the 30th, which only gives me a few days. I'm kinda nervous now. I would've done all this earlier, but my little brother's birthday came up and everyone was too busy cleaning for the party and wrapping presents for his actual birthday.

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